Hemen Ara


GNC Makina supports face visor production carried out by volunteer teachers within the scope of the Social Responsibility Project, which was launched based on the motto “we will beat Covid-19 together.”

GNC Makina, one of the leaders of the CNC machine industry, has drawn attention to the world’s order of the day this time, unlike the social responsibility projects it has undertaken before. Believing in the power of solidarity in the pandemic of Covid-19, which continues to increase in our country, GNC Makina stands shoulder to shoulder with the most important heroes of this struggle by our country.

A team consisting of Ümraniye Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School volunteer teachers produce a face visors and masks to be donated to the hospitals in need due to the Covid-19 pandemic with a method they have developed. GNC Makina donated materials for 5000 pieces of mask to the school that initiated the project. Until now, all the doctors in Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital and Kartal Training and Research Hospital, Obstetrics and Children's Unit have been provided masks.

Being aware of the importance of solidarity and unity in these days we have difficult times due to the pandemic in the world and in our country and with the sense of social responsibility that lead them to participate in this project, face visors are produced by the volunteer teacher team and sent to other hospitals in need continuously. The GNC Makina family sincerely appreciates once again everyone who worked together in the pandemic and who worked hard, especially the health care professionals, by believing the idea of “we will survive these hard days together”, by saying that they will do their best to leave these hard days behind.

Özge YAĞCI / Marketing and Corporate Communications Assistant Specialist