Hemen Ara
  • Coach-Mentor- Mentee Approach: guidance for setting goals and developing skill 

  • Training Budget: Training opportunity to gain professional and personal competence

  • Career Opportunity: an opportunity for all employees to make a progress in their career in accordance with their knowledge and skills plus bonus, wage raise, and awards.

  • Additional Leave: Two days leave in a year in addition to the casual leave, the statutory right

  • +1 Day Leave: One day additional leave for nonsmokers 

  • Private Health Insurance: Private insurance opportunity in addition to SGK

  • Lunch: Lunch vouchers (Ticket) for good quality meals on preference

  • Special Day Gift: Half and quarter gold given on special days such as wedding, and childbirth

  • Advance Pay: Customized solutions for personal needs

  • Collective Events: Activities such as feasts and sports competitions to enhance team spirit, cooperation, and sharing

  • Knowledge Sharing: an activity through which knowledge is exchanged among lower and upper management in small sized mixed groups; hold quarterly for departments, and every two years for all employees of the company.