Hemen Ara

GNC Makina provides uninterrupted services located anywhere in Turkey with its broad spare part and machine inventory capacity, and its large service network created, high-tech equipment and specialized technical service team in-house. GNC Makina has developed a management approach that offers easy to purchase, safe and fast solutions with its services exceeding expectations; and has set the goal to ensure continuity in product and service quality. Within this context, some principles have been embraced to distinguish GNC Makina from unauthorized services. Always with you anywhere in Turkey.

Principles of GNC Makina

GNC Makina offers exact solutions that fully meet the expectations of its customers. Completes every requested service with high level techniques on time, completely and with high quality. Arises the quality awareness in all employees. Takes a proactive approach to prevent any inconveniences that may arise. Uses original equipment and spare parts.

Ask for approval from its customer in case something extra occurs in addition to our initial offer. Stands behind its job by guaranteeing the work it does. Supports innovative and creative approaches, increases the technical and behavioral competencies of its employees, Fulfills its social responsibilities. Continuously improves its processes by determining its development areas, and work with all its strength to become an exemplary organization.

GNC Makina has expanded its understanding of the maintenance and repair services required by the machines, which is called technical service in the industry, and combined it under the name of "After Sales Services" by looking from a more holistic perspective. All technical services, periodic maintenance, repair and online spare parts sales, as well as production tracking systems, technical consultancy and project planning processes continue to be carried out under the control of GNC Makina.