Hemen Ara

Before the service, contacting the Service Planning Authority and making an appointment, filling out a form on our website or sending e-mails enables our service personnel to provide you with faster and higher quality service. Our service process works as follows respectively.

· Our customer submits his request to us by any means,

· The first contact is made within 60 minutes after the request is received by us,

· Service planning is made in the shortest time,

· Stock control is provided for future malfunctions while making a service plan,

· On site customer visits are made,

· During the visit, the expertise and transactions required for the machine are listed by us and sent to the customer by pricing at the offer stage

· Works are initiated after the offer is approved,

· In case additional parts or operations are required outside the offer, approval is obtained from the customer

· After the work is completed, a detailed service report is written and explained to the customers,

Finally, the invoice for the service is issued.