Hemen Ara

Production Monitoring and Reporting Module

You can view the status, production capacity and performance analysis of all your machines in real time. By this way, it will be possible to be informed instantly about all processes in production. You can receive daily, weekly, monthly reports and make your OEE analysis. You can analyze your breakdown / downtime and create your own production reports.

ERP Integration Module

You can complete the integration with your existing ERP system in your business in a very short time. Work orders created in ERP are automatically transferred to the tablets placed in front of the operator by the system. By this way, you can share the technical drawing and operation cards of the work with your operator in digital environment. 

Program Transfer Module

You can collect your part programs in a single center and transfer your programs from this center to your machines. By this way, you do not need intermediate equipment such as card and USB memory and the situations where the machine memory is insufficient are eliminated. 

Cutting Insert Tracking Module

With this module, which allows the tracking of the life of your cutting inserts and performance analysis, you can analyze the cutting inserts, which are one of the biggest expense items in your business. You can extend life of cutting inserts and let the operator notify when the cutting inserts are out of life. You can create bar codes for the tools that come out of your warehouse and control the inventory of all the tools in your business from where you are.

Work Order Integration Module

With this module developed for companies that do not have an ERP system, you can create work orders via the Production Tracking System and add the technical drawing and operation details of the work order to the system. You can also send these work orders to operators in a paperless digital environment.

Operator Interface Module

The operator is included in the process with tablet panels or KIOSKs to be attached to the machines. It is used for operations such as notifying the work orders to the operator, selecting the work order by the operator, entering scrap quantities, and entering the reason for stopping at the time of stop. It allows unlimited users.

Electronic Mail Notification Module

You can receive an information mail when a situation that you specify the as a scenario occurs For example, if any of the machines remain in alarm for more than ten minutes, you can send an information mail to the maintenance department. By this way, you can avoid possible problems.

Mobile Traceability Module

Even if you are not at your place, you can access all the data, instant situations, reports and analysis of your business from your mobile phone or tablet and create your own analysis.

Production Planning Module

With the Production Tracking System, you can plan the jobs in your business with the drag and drop method, and you can give your customers exact delivery dates thanks to the flawless calculation algorithm. This module calculates the delays due to the malfunctions that may occur in the machine and automatically updates the delivery date and presents them with reports.

Tool Offset Management Module

With this module designed for robotic cells and remote systems, even if you are not at the CNC machine tool , you can see the geometry and excessing information of the tools and also edit this information. You can save all changes made on these screens and make them reportable. In this way, you can analyze the causes of tool-related losses.

Quality Control Module

You can perform quality controls made in front of the machine in digital environment. You can define periodic controls with drawings on the basis of stock code and operation, and when the periodic control is due, you can issue a warning to the operator. By this way, you can move your transactions with paper to digital environment.

Cycle Analysis Module

You can analyze long-lasting cycles with this software developed for mold production companies. With this module, which informs you about the necessary improvements, you can minimize the processes called air-cuts and extend cycle times.

Measuring System Module

With this module designed for robotic lines and mass production enterprises, the parts coming out of your CNC machine tools are measured with any measuring device that supports industrial communication. The measurement result is recorded by the Production Tracking System. According to the measurement result, feedback is made to the CNC and the wear and offset data are transferred to the relevant tool. By this way, quality problems are prevented and operator-induced errors are reduced to zero.