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“GNC Future 2019” Meeting was Held in NG Sapanca Hotel.

“GNC Future 2019” Meeting was Held in NG Sapanca Hotel.

The annual evaluation and target setting meeting held by GNC Makina in January every year was held on 9-10 February 2019 Saturday and Sunday at NG Sapanca Hotel with the participation of the Board of Directors and all GNC personnel. The presentations of the members of the Executive Board were shared with the GNC family on the first day. In addition to the presentations of the senior management including the evaluation of the year 2018 and the plans for the year 2019, the new goals were shared with the staff and all departments were ensured to be partnered, collaborated and coordinated on the road map.

In his presentation, Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager Gökhan Yıldız stated that the last quarter of 2018 had a compelling effect on all industries and that the expectation would not be an easy year in 2019; “We consider 2019 as an opportunity year he says. “We have projects that will make a difference in the industry with our innovative perspective. As the GNC family, we will achieve these goals together and realize our projects.” he says.

Gökhan Çetinkaya, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager for Sales, on the other hand, stated that GNC Makina achieved an average growth rate of 80% every year, not by "selling machinery" but by "providing engineering knowledge and trust" to the customer, therefore their job was “providing benefit and value” to the industry with its skills and experience, he underlines. Çetinkaya stated that there are turnkey projects among the targets of 2019; “We will minimize time, human resources and production costs by designing all the production processes of the industrialist who wants to produce, grow her/his business, and increase her/his investment” he says.

Mete Tanır, Deputy General Manager for Human Resources, shares the new human resources processes, personnel-based career map, employee-specific coaching and mentoring system, and the performance evaluation system created with the ERP program, while Marketing and Corporate Communications Assistant General Manager Arzu Sabancı, has conveyed its targets, channel and segment based communication strategies and new brands of GNC Makina, which will be operational in 2019.

After the presentations of the senior management, plaques of “Yıldız GNC members” and gifts were awarded. By considering the criteria such as performance, compatibility, corporate loyalty and executive opinion, plaques and gifts were presented to 3 personnel in the categories of "Star of Technical Service", "Star of Sales" and "Star of Headquarters” by department heads. Employees, who took the floor in the "Free Tribune" section held in the continuation of the plaque ceremony, had the opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts with the entire GNC Makina family. In the last part of Saturday, the “Simple Machines” game was played from the corporate games that were designed to both spend hours of fun and improve the cooperation and trust in the company. During the game, in which all the staff including the Board Members participated, there were unforgettable moments when the teams divided into groups experienced the excitement of competing in a limited time and the entertainment peaked.

On the second day of the highly productive “GNC Future 2019” meeting, the meeting was come to end with separate meeting held in different halls by sales and technical service departments covering their business processes, evaluations, and goals.