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New Member of the GNC Family: Vision Wide

New Member of the GNC Family: Vision Wide

GNC Makina has expanded its product range by incorporating the Vision Wide brand, which has many product patents and 20 years of bridge-type machine manufacturing experience.

GNC CNC Makina Teknolojileri, which is one of the leading companies of CNC Machinery industry, continues its growth activities by going beyond its targets with its strong, dynamic structure and expert staff, introduces Vision Wide, which is well known worldwide with the reputation as the manufacturer of high quality bridge type CNC turning machines used in the production of ultra large and sensitive parts with the manufacturers of our country.

Vision Wide, which will meet the need for bridge type CNC turning machines used in the strategic industries of the Turkish manufacturing industry such as defense, aviation, automotive, construction equipment and mold, is a leading manufacturer in its field with numerous product patents with its R&D studies. Since its establishment, Vision Wide has been leading its industry with the innovations it has developed by successfully working on the development, design and production of bridge type CNC turning machines. The Taiwan oriented brand that differentiates from its competitors with technologies it has developed in areas such as quality management processes that support the production, meeting standards of the large part production, accuracy and production efficiency, and therefore which has a significant brand recognition with its foregoing qualities, becomes a business partner of GNC Makina to provide worldwide sales and technical service quality standards in Turkey.

GNC CNC Makina Teknolojileri, which has reached to position of one of the most trustworthy cooperation of the industry in Turkey with its rapid growth graphic trend and its customer-oriented investments in the past 5 years, aims to provide contribution to industry of our country with bridge type turning machines as duly authorized Distributor in Turkey in service and spare parts supply process.

About GNC CNC Makina Teknolojileri

GNC CNC Makine Teknolojileri, established in 2010 in Istanbul İMES Organized Industrial Zone, with its branches in Istanbul, Anatolian and European sides, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Konya, has set out with the aim of creating benefit for its industry and adding value to its solution partners. GNC Makina uses all its resources in line with the needs of the industry, with its widespread service network and field advantage, to accurately identify and respond in the fastest, most reliable way since its establishment, and has maximized the production efficiency of companies with high speed, quality and quality turning machines such as VICTOR Taichung, AVEREX, ROMI AND LICO.