Hemen Ara

What is a "Turnkey Project"?

Within the scope of the project design provided as engineering consultancy, GNC Makina first determines which application groups will work in the project and designs the project and presents it to the customer. If all conditions are met, then the project starts. Immediately after the start, GNC Makina decides on which turning machines the product will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the customer, the choice of robots, intermediate equipment, tooling and software works in order to produce the product that the manufacturer wants to produce in the highest quality. Afterwards, tests are carried out with the machine installation at the manufacturer's facility with its suppliers and solution partners. After the trainings are provided, the project is delivered to the customer.

Turnkey projects provide time savings, while taking responsibility from the producer. In these projects, the aim is the product, and the machine is the tool. The manufacturer also remains in contact with only GNC Makina and the whole process is managed by GNC Makina without the need to communicate with any extra person.

GNC Makina is not only a machine tool provider, but also a team specialized in machine procurement that produces, develops, supports, and directs production. Therefore, it stands by its customers for life in all the services it provides.