Hemen Ara

Annual periodic maintenance performed by our experienced service technicians ensures trouble-free operation of your machines.

How does GNC Makina’s maintenance benefit you;

· High quality of care provided by our service specialists,
· Timely detection of malfunctions that may occur over time,
· Decreasing unplanned machine downtime,
· Cost savings with special prices within the scope of maintenance contract,
During the periodic maintenance performed at predetermined time intervals, which are constantly repeating and based on a schedule, you will prevent many problems that may occur in your CNC machine tool in advance and thus you will be protected from unplanned and unaccounted costs.

– In CNC machine tools, where periodic maintenance is applied, possible failures that may be encountered in the near future will be predicted and eliminated during maintenance, so your company's production will not be interrupted and maintenance costs that are more than maintenance costs are prevented. In this way, maintenance costs are planned in advance and the actual operating costs of your machine can be calculated.

– For spare parts recommended to be changed during periodic maintenance, manufacturer-approved original spare parts are used, not spare parts that are economical at first glance but can cause unexpected costs in a short time. Thus, the maintenance service provided is guaranteed.

– Thanks to periodic maintenance, your machine's operation efficiency and performance will always be as good as on the first day. This not only prevents unexpected failure costs, but also increases your productivity by decreasing your total costs.

– Thanks to the high-tech measurement and control devices used in periodic maintenance, your machine continues to operate in the first day's factory settings. In addition, since the source of possible problems will be determined precisely, the problems are solved in a short time with the interventions made.

- Periodical and recorded maintenance makes your machine valuable and provides a price advantage that is much higher than the equivalent of the secondhand sales value of your machine during the change or renewal periods. This returns you as a profit, not a loss.