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Vision Wide SF-2116 CNC İşleme Merkezi

Vision Wide SF-2116 CNC İşleme Merkezi

SF series, the most popular bridge type CNC milling machining center of Vision Wide, is 3-axis linear way design with rapid traverse reaching 24 m / min and cutting feed rate reaching 10 m/ min. Suitable for fine components machining and mold cutting.

Its full casting structure provides long term accuracy stability, and ultra-wide column structure with big dimension surface provides the best rigid support of spindle and YZ axis.

Worth value, excellent manufacturing quality, and complete range of specification.

– Ultra-wide base of X axis with thick high rigidity table enhances table load capacity and ensures the best dynamic level accuracy.
– Large stepped design of Y axis makes guide ways close to beam and spindle which effectively increases rigidity of cutting load.
– Z axis 15m rapid traverse, high acceleration/deceleration performance to achieve contour accuracy of high speed mold machining.
– Spindle and thermal compensation function for environmental temperature change can be chosen to ensure the accuracy change within 0.02mm which influenced by environmental temperature change.